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Risk associated with risk-free investments

Gourav Kumar

Over the past decade, financial services have become increasingly easily accessible. From bank deposits to mutual funds, from equities to insurance, all are now available online. While KYC norms still…Continue Reading

The indirect cost of direct plans

Mutual Fund Research Desk

In recent times, we have seen quite a few advertisements and promotions for direct plans of mutual funds. They talk about how much you stand to lose if you invest…Continue Reading

Got a Pay Hike? Here’s What You Should Do

Gourav Kumar

It’s that time of the year again. We are all waiting for our appraisal letters and ratings to find out how much our salary is going to increase this time.…Continue Reading


I stopped my SIP – Extracts from an investor’s diary

Gourav Kumar

10th November, 2015 Today, I saw the Nifty was down 1.5%. The markets have been falling continuously. I think I received an email from Fundsindia saying the markets have fallen…Continue Reading

Correcting markets are the best time to average using a SIP

Don’t stop your SIPs

Bhavana Acharya

With markets falling since February, worry over further corrections may tempt you into stopping your SIPs. But this is not the time to stop SIPs. Why? For a SIP to…Continue Reading


Is the market rally backed by fundamentals?

Vidya Bala

Whether it was bank recapitalization or infrastructure spending or the recent upgrade of India by Moody’s, every opportunity has been used to propel the stock market. With the kind of…Continue Reading

FundsIndia explains: Contingency fund and its importance

Mutual Fund Research Desk

Your EMI is well within your capacity, you have no difficulty in meeting recurring expenses, and you even have a monthly surplus that you’re investing. Isn’t that a great position…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Recommends: DSP BlackRock Tax Saver

Vidya Bala

Short on time? Listen to a brief overview of this week’s recommendation. If you wish to invest for tax-saving purposes and are new to equity funds, then a less volatile, large-cap…Continue Reading

Why should you invest in ELSS

Shweta Nichani

By now, most of you might agree that Mutual Funds Sahi Hai. You now probably know that mutual funds are a great way to build wealth, but did you know…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Recommends: Invesco India Growth

Vidya Bala

Short on time? Listen to a brief overview of this week’s recommendation. Open a FREE Account Now! Funds with a clear strategy in place and a sustained ability to generate excess…Continue Reading