Loans Against
Mutual Funds

Instant Liquidity | Lower Interest Rates |
100% Digital And Hassle-Free Process
Seize the opportunity of securing loans at low-interest rates against your mutual fund investments. Our service offers immediate liquidity at a minimal 9.5% p.a., with zero need to sell off your investments.
Loans Against Mutual Funds
Calculate Your Loan Details
Value of Equity Mutual Fund
Value of Debt Mutual Fund
Loan available against Equity portfolio
₹ 0
Loan available against Debt portfolio
₹ 0
Interest Rate
9.5% p.a.
Loan duration (in months)
You can avail a loan upto INR ₹ 0 against your Mutual Fund portfolio valued at INR ₹ 0 for the duration of 12 months

Benefits and Features

Loans Against Mutual Funds
Rapid Approval
Get Your Loan Approved Fast
Loans Against Mutual Funds
Penalty-Free Prepayment
Pay Back Early with Zero Penalties
Loans Against Mutual Funds
Instant Liquidity
Funds Accessible Immediately
Loans Against Mutual Funds
Broad Security Approval
Large Selection of Accepted Securities
Loans Against Mutual Funds
Uncompromised Safety
100% Secure and Digital Process
Loans Against Mutual Funds
Ownership Retained
Keep Control of Your Investments
Loans Against Mutual Funds
Temporary Cash Flow
Short-Term Liquidity Solutions
Loans Against Mutual Funds
Cost-Effective Borrowing
Enjoy Lower Interest Rates
Loans Against Mutual Funds
Yearly Renewal
Enjoy a 12-Month Overdraft Limit
Loans Against Mutual Funds
Greater Value
Higher Loan Amounts Available
Loans Against Mutual Funds
Flexibility with Funds
Use the Funds as Per Your Need
Loans Against Mutual Funds
Convenient Repayment
Simplified Payback Options
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Why Choose FundsIndia for Loans Against Mutual Funds?

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In partnership with Mirae Asset Financial Services, we offer a unique financial solution that allows your investments to work harder and smarter. By choosing our offering, you enjoy a seamless digital process, secure transactions, and the certainty of partnering with a trusted name in the investment field. Your path to instant liquidity is just a click away!

For further information, please refer to our FAQ section. Please also review the T&C of this offering prior to applying.

National Pension System(NPS)
National Pension System(NPS)
Terms & Conditions

By availing Loans Against Mutual Funds, you consent to our Terms & Conditions. These include:

  • Withdrawals can be made in tranches of INR 50 lakhs. The next tranche can only be processed once the "Withdrawal Request" status is completed.
  • The loan disbursal window operates from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, except on bank holidays.
  • When creating a bank mandate, ensure you have net banking and/or debit card access for the mentioned bank account. Major Banks are part of the e-Mandate, Co-operative Banks are currently not included.
  • Interest is automatically collected every 3rd of the month via ECS. Borrowers will receive a notification on the 1st of the month to maintain a sufficient balance.
  • Mobile number and email address can be changed online post loan creation.
  • Any interactions for Loans Against Mutual Funds will be between the borrower and Mirae Asset Financial Services. FundsIndia will only guide on leveraging this option and will not be liable for any issues arising from this arrangement.
  • Margin Call
  • Securities are revalued every day.
  • The loan outstanding more than the revised limit is considered “Overdue”.
  • Borrowers are informed via email about drop-in limits and/or overdue if any.
  • If mutual fund value drops, then the borrower can -
  • add additional securities by top-up, or
  • pay cash, or
  • combination of both
Equity Mutual Funds LTV
Debt Mutual Funds LTV
No. of days to regulate
> 45%
75 days
> 50%
> 80%
7 days
> 55%
> 85%
5 days
> 60%
> 90%
3 days
> 65%
> 95%
1 day
Charged at the time of
Rate of Interest
9.5% p.a
Monthly ECS
Processing Fees
INR 999 + GST
Loan Creation
Stamp Duty
INR 500
Loan Creation
Renewal Fees
INR 999 + GST
After 1 year, post Borrower confirmation
Partial Unlien
INR 500 + GST
At the time of request execution
INR 500 + GST
At the time of request execution
Penal Interest rate
ROI + 4% p.a.
At the time of Default and/or Overdue
Bounce charge
INR 500 + GST
At the time of Default
Security invocation fees
INR 2000 + GST
At the time of Default
Bank Mandate Swap
INR 500 + GST
At the time of request execution
Collection fees
INR 5000 + GST
At the time of Default
Legal fees
INR 5000 + GST
At the time of Default