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The agreement

By using our services on the website and comparison technology you are explicitly agreeing to these terms and conditions and authorizing us to service your account on your behalf with various insurers to advice, suggest and recommend suitable cover based on your inputs, collect and pay premiums to your chosen insurers, so that we can deliver to you the cover you require where it is available from insurance providers registered in India. However you would make an informed choice of quotes and selection of insurers provided in the website. If you do not agree to these conditions please do not use this merasuraksha.com web portal. The grant of use of this portal to you is non-transferable, revocable and the non-exclusive license to use information and contents provided in the portal is only for the intended purpose and not to use in any manner.

About us

We are an independent direct insurance broking firm authorized and regulated by Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority (IRDA) and in the service since 2004. We are permitted to provide advice to clients, arrange and place Life and General Insurance cover with Indian Insurers on behalf of clients. We are required to comply the regulations relevant to an insurance intermediary and the regulations are available in the IRDA web site. Our IRDA registration number is DB/259/04. You can check this on the IRDA website at www.irda.gov.in or call them on 040 23381100.

Our services

We provide a fully independent and online insurance service only in English language, designed to save your time and money when it comes to reviewing your insurance. Our Endeavour is not only to find you the most competitive quotes but also provide you with all the information required to make an informed choice on which policy best suits your needs. You will also receive advice on comparing the cost and the coverage as defined in the code of conduct of the broker's regulation of IRDA.

We help you buy Motor Insurance, Health and Accident Insurance, Life Insurance and Travel Insurance by providing product features and price comparisons for users to buy online.

The responsibility

We will provide you with a quotation only in English language, based on the information you have provided to us. It is essential that all information and answers are true and accurate and that you also disclose all relevant and material facts including existing ailments, sickness, injury, damages to persons and or properties if any. Failure to provide accurate information could lead to your insurance being invalid and forfeit all benefits under the policy you being liable for any third party costs in the event of an accident.

In order to accept a quotation provided by our cost & coverage comparison mechanism you will need to link to the chosen insurer website to verify details to accept the policy, or where applicable, contact them by phone. Before accepting a policy it is of utmost importance that all information supplied to the insurer are accurate. It is your responsibility to ensure all details are correct. It is also important that you read the insurers terms or conditions as they will differ from ours and are the terms that you will be agreeing to. The technology used is very sophisticated but not fool proof. If the information passed is not correct it is your responsibility to identify the mistake and, as such, we relinquish all liability, which by law we can exclude, in respect of all losses you may incur.

If you have any doubt whether further information about you, not requested during the merasuraksha.com service is required to be disclosed, or that something may be incorrect, please contact the proposed insurer before you buy the insurance. Hence it is your responsibility to make an informed choice to buy insurance thro' online which is suggested based on your inputs supplied to us. All information supplied for buying insurance online is stored in our systems as required by the regulations of IRDA.

Website content

We have taken every step to ensure the information contained and displayed on our website is accurate and up-to-date and to correct any errors or omissions as soon as practicable after being notified of them. However, we do not guarantee that this Website will be fault free and we do not accept liability for any error or omissions. We reserve the right to add, amend or delete content from the site at any time.

Quotations/New Business

All quotations are given on the basis of "Utmost good faith". If you provide us with incorrect or incomplete information your policy could result in a higher premium payable or may not be valid in the event of a claim. All transactions would be done in English only. If you do not know the English language, please desist from using this website as at present we would not be in a position offer interpretation services and merasuraksha.com shall not held liable for not understanding the terms of business and the terms of cover offered in English language.


Payments are accepted by credit or debit card for online transactions and cheque or cash for direct transactions. Payments made thro' online is directly paid into your chosen insurer account excepting additional charges if anything charged to the client and will be shown separately. Any cancellation of transaction and / or payments made after the authorization of payment / purchase of the insurance, shall be done only by the respective insurer as per the cancellation of policy terms mentioned below and merasuraksha.com shall not entertain any reverse transaction requested by the payment gateway provider nor be held liable for non-cancellation of transaction nor refund the services charges if paid, as yours is a freewill transaction. However, merasuraksha.com will assist you in getting the refund of premium only from the respective insurer.

Handling Client Money

When you make an online payment to purchase insurance, in order to comply with the provisions of 64VB of the insurance act 1938, the payment is sent either directly to the insurer's account wherever insurers have provided the gateway to receive the payment or sent form the segregated insurance bank account protected by Advance Premium Deposit or by Bank Guarantee as provided under sec.64VB in the insurance act 1938 with respective insurers who authorize us to issue point of sale document. (POS doc).

Cover Note / Certificate of Insurance

We may issue the valid cover note / certificate of insurance on behalf of insurers for proposals accepted and premiums paid as POS doc. as authorized by insurers, the authority under conventional insurance contract and not under the binding or delegated authority contract. The insurance cover note as POS doc. will not be issued for lapsed renewal of insurances and third party insurances, but an acknowledgement as POS doc. shall be issued along with the proposal form reference number of the transaction. However the cover note for lapsed renewal will be issued after the physical inspections is carried out as defined below. The online proposal copy would be sent to the respective insurer for issue of policy. Policies will be issued by the respective insurer and the same will be delivered by them or delivered thro' us. An automated copy of the proposal shall also be delivered in your mailbox online along with the POS doc. as recorded in our systems.

Commencement of Insurance

The insurance will always commence from 00.00 hrs of the next day following the date of transaction. However, if the expiry date of insurance is available beyond the transaction date for which the online insurance is purchased, the insurance will commence from the next day of the expiry date at 00.00 hrs without a break in insurance. In case of lapsed renewal which is available only for Chennai customers, the insurance will commence from the time of the physical inspection is carried out by the insurer or by its official agency and shall be carried out immediately after the transaction within 24 hours and the official cover note will be issued. The POS doc. will also carry the time of transaction for all online purchase of insurance. In case of TP insurance with break-in period, the period of insurance commences after a day or two from the date of payment when the vehicle is not produced for inspection and you specifically agree for such postponement of insurance commencement date otherwise produce vehicle for inspection for commencing the date immediately.

Vehicle Inspection

It is very essential to understand the importance of vehicle inspection in case of discontinuance of insurance or lapsed renewal, the vehicle shall be produced for inspection for effecting the insurance. In the absence of such inspection procedure as this transaction is done thro' online, we rely only on your declaration made in the proposal that the vehicle was not involved in any accidents nor have any damages on the vehicle. In case you decide not to have any inspection as stated above and the vehicle meets with an accident within 90 days of effecting insurance, the insurer should be reported immediately for assessment of the loss with first information report only (FIR) issued by the police and the onus of proving the time of loss is on you. Certificate of acknowledgement of complaint issued by the police is not acceptable and your claim cannot be considered. To avoid such a situation you are advised to get the vehicle inspection done thro' us immediately / or produce the vehicle to the insurer for inspection / or thro' the official agency of the insurer which could happen within 24 hrs and the details of inspection arrangement would be made available in the payment receipt.

Fraudulent and False Claims

If you knowingly make a claim that is false or fraudulent in any way or try to prefer a claim for old loss/damage occurred prior to this insurance, your policy will become void and forfeit all benefits under the policy.

Reasonable Precaution

You must take all reasonable steps to keep your vehicle in a safe condition and to protect it from damage, including fire, theft or attempted theft, malicious damage and someone taking your vehicle without your permission. You must also make sure you satisfy all the legal requirements relating to your vehicle and its ownership.

Cancellation of Policy

Any request for cancellation needs to be in writing and accompanied with your current certificate of insurance and policy documents. The terms of your policy may allow insurers to retain the premium in full or to charge short period premiums as defined in the policy document of the respective insurer. Please refer to your policy document or contact us for clarification. No refunds are given on Short Period policies, if issued.

Help line

In the event of a website transaction issue or any insurance claim, please contact our dedicated line 04426564711 during business hours. Our business hours: Monday to Friday - 09.30 hrs to 18.30 hrs and Saturday 09.30 hrs to 13.30 hrs except on public holidays under negotiable instrument act. However, all registered users can register the website transaction issue or any insurance claim any time and would be attended by our exclusive merasuraksha website team/insurance claims teams regularly during business hours and once in a day during holidays and public holidays for organizing the insurance survey only.


We take all complaints very seriously and hence first speak to us we make every effort to maintain high standards of service and try to put things right immediately. Our registered & head office address is First Insurance World Broking Services P. Ltd. Plot No.267, Second Street, Mogapair Eri, Chennai, TN-600037. Ph.04426564711. If we cannot resolve your complaint, you are entitled to take it to IRDA. This is in addition to your legal rights.

Intended use

This site is intended for use of Indian residents only and due to this, applications from non-Indian residents will, unless otherwise stated, not be accepted. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the Indian Law.


We reserve the right to amend our terms and conditions at any time. The amended terms will be effective from the date they are posted on our site.

Law & Jurisdiction

Insurance is only available to Indian residents. Any disputes will be subject to Indian Law and the courts in Chennai will have exclusive jurisdiction.

Trading Name

merasuraksha.com is the name of the trading style of First Insurance World Broking Services P. Ltd. Plot No.267, Second Street, Mogapair Eri, Chennai, TN-600037. Ph. 044 26564711.


Any communication received in this format is normally dealt with between 09.30 hrs and 18.30 hrs Monday to Friday and Saturday between 09.30 hrs and 13.30 hrs on all working days.

TCF Practice

merasuraksha.com would be Treating its Customers Fairly as defined below

Our customers

can be confident that they are dealing with this company (merasuraksha.com) where the fair treatment of customers is central to the corporate culture.

Are suggested with products and services which are designed to meet their demands and needs only.

Are provided with clear information and are kept appropriately informed before, during and after the transaction and providing most suitable advices by taking into account of their circumstances only.

Are provided with products and the associated services are of an acceptable standard as they have been advised.

Are not put to encounter unreasonable post-sale barriers to change product, change insurer, submit a claim or make a complaint.