When it comes to data security, our goal is to ensure that,

  1. Your data is stored safely and securely - passwords are one-way encrypted before stored in the database for high security.
  2. All communications - either with you or with the insurance companies and other service providers - are encrypted using highest standards
  3. Your data is shared only with nobody unless you have explicitly requested us to do so to fulfil a transaction request

To ensure that we achieve these goals, we have a variety of certifications/trust verifications in place for our firm both from technical as well as legal/operational perspectives. All our communications are encrypted by 128 bit encryption, and our data is hosted in the a top-tier hosting service provider with both physical and electronic security in place 24x7. Also, our data is continuously backed up to ensure continuity of operations.

Here below, you will find some of these certifications that are accepted internationally for secure websites. These certifications are continuously updated by regularly auditing our technical infrastructure for full security compliance.

Mutual Funds - Security Verified
Thawte certificate

provides third-party confirmation of the authenticity and validity of our security certificate that is used to secure communications between our servers and the customer's browsers.